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Who Am I?

I’m a recovering alcoholic and have not touched alcohol for over 3 years now. The longest time I’ve had without alcohol in my life, since I was 15 years old. Hard to write this and realize I’m 57 years old and 43 of it I was stuck on “stupid”. A very humbling experience, I might add. What memories I have of the past are sporadic, and incomplete. I’m here in Detroit, MI, less than 40 miles from the bridge my family traveled on while emigrating to the U.S. from Canada. Hold it! I suppose, when I think about it, divine intervention was already at work in my case.

Self diagnosis Survey

This is just a simple survey for you or anyone close enough to you to determine yourself if there might be a problem(s) stemming from alcohol. There's only one rule in the constant of true recovery in my mind. BRUTAL honesty to yourself. Sounds simple, but not so easy. I have probably wasted so much TIME just in the stage of "Denial". There are so many stages of recovery that if you end up spending 5+ years coping with each stage you'll run out of time. Upon making right with God FIRST,progress WILL come easier and I pray that the TIME WASTED on each stage is minimul for anyone who is trying to rid their life of alcohol. Take the survey and let me know which question had the biggest impact on the thinking of an answer to yourself. I'd love to read some successful progress stories to see just how many people are in the same dillemma as they were 2+ years ago. Let others know what works for you. It might save someone a lot of TIME!Survey access        If you have trouble from this link try the one on our Links page. Still a problem? Contact us.


I've found you don't have to go to a third world country to find the streets and poverty. It's right around the corner for the alcoholic. Of course this is AFTER I'd lost my liscense, the house in forclosure, divorce, courts interceding on behalf of our son, and anything else negative surrounding alcohol. The streets of our own cities can be quite daunting. Although, without finding the streets of Denver, I wouldn't have come to the Rescue Mission, which ultimately was the starting point of recovery for me.


There's something to be said for the word "Intervention". I was not only blessed with "Divine" intervention, but was also fortunate enough to have a loving, caring, and rational sister, PLUS a persistent, stubborn, devoted friend. Without this "People" Intervention, progress for me would have probably stopped altogether in 2003 and I would have lost another 5 years. 

DRML (Denver Rescue Mission)

Rescue Mission! I hope there's one in every major city. These establishments are literally life savers. I became aware when I was bloody, beat up, drunk, and filthy dirty and happened to fall through the door of DRML. They afforded me lodging, food, and medical assistance. I recuperated for the next 8 days becoming acutely aware of DRML's workings and ended up joining their "New Life Program". I ended up relapsing after about 4 months. You're expected to leave the establishment for at least 30 days at which time, if you choose, to try it again. No 3rd chances. I relapsed again after about 5 months. Two things were for sure though. I was definitely a "hard core" alcoholic, AND I had no clue, up to this point, HOW to read the Bible. How you read the Good Book (grammatically correct), is directly propotionate to how you understand it! What an awakening. I believe that good sound doctrine at an early age would diminish the ranks of alcoholics. Hence, the "Desiderata" Good, sound doctrine if I ever read it.

Changing your style

Different items, to help in change, differ from one person to the next. I use a coin(1923 "Peace Dollar") which helps me control anger when normally I'd be reaching for my wallet to get another bottle. I use the "Desiderata" to begin the day with the right mindset. If you're an AA member carry your most recent "Time" medallion. Whatever you choose to use as markers of progress go ahead and use it. All's fair in your private war against alcohol. It's a war that only YOU can judge if your making progress in your recovery or not.Check our Links page to hook up with some ideas that might help.

Time and the alcoholic

 As an alcoholic, I have to be able to cope with extra time on my hands. God knows I've WASTED a lot of TIME over the years. The fact I'm divorced didn't lead to alcoholism. Alcohol was involved in the CAUSE of my divorce along with being a factor in court problems, loss of license, loss of multiple jobs, loss of blood family ties for 20 years, not to mention the near estrangement of my own son. TIME is a memisis of mine but the new technology of today absorbs alot of time in a positive way. If you WANT change, then you have to IMPLEMENT change.

Fear and the Alcoholic

Fear is a very REAL threat to a lot of recovering alcoholics. Why? The constant worry of inadequacy will always enter the mind, and I used to quell those fears with alcohol. Smart? Not hardly. It almost seems redundant to me now, but people who are struggling with newfound sobriety are in danger of being overwhelmed with the new surroundings, speed of life, and where they are in comparison to everyone around them. I can't urge them enough about including SUPPORT, (from anywhere), in their quest to be alcohol free. The stubborness of trying to find answers on my own was both futile and costly. All, I can say is there is absolutely no way I would have progressed this far, this quickly, without support. Not everyone is as fortunate. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with fear, assure them that they're not alone, ever. Reaffirm your own assurance by glancing at Joshua 1:9 or Heb.13:5. Fear is a very real emotion that can destroy ones will to stay off the booze, if you let it. Anymore, I just understand, if God is with me, who can be against me. I read that somewhere. Oh yeah. Rom. 8:31. The Bible is a never ending source of answers to the questions a recovering alcoholic has in sobriety. The family tree DOES become involved in most cases. Repairing past deeds, and dealing with whatever is in front of you will be made somewhat easier if you haven't burnt ALL your bridges while drinking. Try to track your family using the Archives link in the sidebar.

Why This?

I became acquainted with the "Desiderata" years ago at a Jewish get-together and have found it is a great ethics lesson if you can abide by it. It's a gigantic aid to recovering alcoholics who have temporarily lost their moral being through alcohol. I read it periodically to see if I'm improving my quality of life while still keeping a sound ethical approach to the numerous problems that my years of alcoholism caused. This, combined with other items I've found help me keep focused on the progress I've made.The address, to check out this very informative piece of literature, is on our Links page.

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